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VDOT Revises Subdivision Street Requirements

January 11, 2005


VDOT has revised its Subdivision Street Requirements, which set the criteria for the 200 miles of roads per year accepted for VDOT's maintenance. Its companion reference, the Subdivision Street Design Guide, was also amended. These changes went into effect on January 1, and may have a dramatic impact on current plans in the development pipeline.

Although the new requirements are now in effect, VDOT will continue to allow construction plans with streets designed under the previous standards until July1, 2005. Plans ”initially submitted” to VDOT after that date must meet these new requirements. If you are currently involved in a zoning, you should evaluate the changes caused by these new requirements now, and possibly revise your planning documents.

Other changes to the Requirements include overlaying the entire roadway when widening and existing road or adding a turn lane. VDOT will also charge an “administrative cost recovery fee” to cover the cost of reviews and inspections. Significant Design Guide changes include the expansion of the right-of-way to provide a 3-foot clear zone, new site distance standards, minimum utility strip sizes and 5-foot sidewalks.

For a summary of the New Subdivision Requirements click here.

For a summary of the New Subdivision Street Design Guide click here.

For the complete documents, please visit the VDOT web site at http://www.virginiadot.org/projects/ssr-rev.asp.


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